What products to use around the pool?

July 2023 is the planet’s hottest month on record by far in around 120,000 years, scientists report, according to CNN. With this article, we want to help you successfully dive into the summer of 2023 – hydrated and chilled around the pool, making sure your health is unaffected by the high temperatures.

As summer approaches, you will find yourself and your family and friends in the water. What should you bring around the pool though? Let us give you a hint or two.

Health First

Skin moisturizer

Chlorine from the pool could be bad for your skin. You can prepare yourself before a fun day in the sun by applying an additional layer of moisturizer. It will play a role of a barrier between the chlorine and your face. This way you can avoid unwanted itchiness after swimming. We rank skin moisturizer as one of the most important products to use around the pool.

UV protection

Not less important, preparing your skin with UV protection both before and after a swim is really important for your health. Bringing sunscreen with a high SPF, 50+ preferably, is an essential part of your swim day around the pool. Just make sure it is not from the last summer and it has not expired. Most products wash out after a swim, so make sure to apply the sunscreen both before and after you get out of the water.

The sun can also harm your eye health. One of the easiest ways to reduce eye health risks is to wear sunglasses providing 100% UV protection. Make sure you bring that product with you, as well.

A cooler full of ice and drinks

Staying hydrated while being around the pool on those warm, summer days is an important task for you and your family and friends, too. You can always bring and keep a cooler fully stashed and full of ice. The drinks should stay cold. One of the most hydrating drinks besides water are juices, coconut water, and electrolyte drinks.

Refreshing snacks

During and after swimming in the pool, you will need to have some great rehydrating foods around. Make sure you and your friends have easy access to hydrating treats like fruits, veggies, and/or an ice cream cup and popsicles. Bringing such around the pool, allows you to have the needed energy to hop back in and out all day long. Your swimming experience will be better improved, too.

Umbrellas or hats that keep shade on your head

Another way to protect yourself from the sun and reduce the risk of sunburn is by installing or bringing poolside umbrellas. It will make your relaxing time by the pool much calmer and sweeter. If you still don’t have any shade installation, we advice bringing a hat for your head at least.

Insect repellents

Mosquitoes and other pests are commonly noticed around a pool area. Bringing insect-repellent products with you is preferable.

Fun second

After we discussed all the important products that will keep you stay happy and healthy around the pool, let’s dive into the fun part. Here’s how to make pool visits a much more enjoyable experience.

A day spent around the pool requires you to bring some fun accessories. In today’s world, you don’t have to get bored with beach balls, though. Chilling by the pool could be more memorable than you think. The following products could help you have more fun.

Outdoor speakers

Technology can make our life easier, better, and more fun. Why not consider outdoor speakers or weather-resistant speakers for your next pool day? If you enjoy listening to music, this is the best tool for you to bring. Music brings warm memories and is always a good idea. Just make sure the speakers are appropriately positioned to prevent electrical hazards.

Water guns

Who said fun is for kids only? Water guns are a great addition to your summertime products. It will not only keep you and your friends chilled but also engaged and fun. Most of these toys are very lightweight so it won’t be a problem bringing a few with you. Although they might look silly, these toys could really upgrade your pool experience.

It’s not just the kids who deserve to have absolute fun around the pool, which is why we continue our recommended selection of pool toys for adults.

Inflatable Volleyball or Basketball game

A fun for the whole family could be a competitive sports game inside the pool. For all sports lovers, why don’t you bring a volleyball or basketball set game? An inflatable, volleyball net can be installed inside and can be played by children aged six and up and adults alike.

Basketball could be a water-friendly game, too. There are sets with which you can practice your skills, as well as cool off in the water while having some fun. Just make sure you choose a game product that is stable enough and the set includes a basketball so you can start playing immediately.

Pool toys to relax on

Not only competitive fun games but also relaxation is important during a hot day. Choose a large, inflatable toy suitable for adults. If it is a ride-on toy, you double the fun by learning how to clamber aboard first. If it is an adult-size pool lounger, you can have a bed that ensures your relaxing experience. It is great for those who want to sunbathe while actually being on the water. Most beds come with a cup holder, so make sure you don’t forget your cool beverage, too.

Floating solar globes

As the sun goes down, pools become a great place for parties. One of the best products for a fun or relaxing night around the pool is the floating solar globes that illuminate the space around them.

The coolest part is that they are energy-saving pool lights. Your backyard could be bright and colored. Just make sure you choose a product that is fully waterproof, durable enough to withstand harsh weather. You can arrange them to float atop the water, or hang from a tree or the porch. Prepare yourself for a magical evening around the pool.

What products to use around the pool?
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What products to use around the pool?
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